Welcome to Leisure King Records

Based in Cambridge MA, Leisure King Records brings you rock sounds from the Boston area. Utilizing portable field recording techniques, we have been recording bands since 2000, specializing in garage/punk/rock sounds. Our resume includes work on the Mr. Airplane Man "Primitive" ep from 2000 and recent projects by the Black Clouds (featuring x-members of the BrownOuts/the Traps, etc.) and in-yer-face sounds on the Coffin Lids record on Bomp.

Leisure King is periodically available for demo recording for Right-Thinking bands. A few of the bands we've done demo work for include: Coffin Lids, the Konks, Turpentine Brothers, 3-Inch Mile and the Tampoffs. Download some mp3 samples below and stay tuned for new Leisure King releases from the Jumbo, the Corn Lords, and TRiPLE THiCK

Check out Leisure King produced track "Honky Tonk Christmas" by the Stumbleweeds, released in 2002 on Dusty Records from Sweden.

Shiny Beasts

Drive All Night

Black Clouds

Cash My Check
Lil'Red Riding Hood

Coffin Lids - radio demos

Rock Action
Vampire Girl

The BrownOuts - the ever mysterious and reclusive........

Plain Jane
I Don't Want You
Lovin' Up a Storm
Blow Out the Pipes

Evil Eric

Ton of Joy
Come back my darlin

Corn Lords

tarpaper shack
kickin up a corn lord fuss

Ozone Bros

burnt toast
got to go
jihad jig


You're a Loser

The Jim Seery 4-Trax Experience
action time vision

Momar Quadoofus
Riding the Onion



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